Decca, anxiety, and selectve mutism

Decca has anxiety which has resulted in his selective mutism. He has made a great deal of progress in the past six months, and sometimes I forget that he still experiences it. Yesterday we were working in a social studies book, and I was reminded how much anxiety he carries around with him. Decca was filling out a worksheet about him, what he looks like, what he likes, what his favorite color is, etc. We were having fun with the work, and then we came to the last question. It asked “What are you afraid of?”  His answer “house fires and you dying”. It broke my heart, but I didn’t show it. I don’t want him to feel that he can’t share his fears. I told him I would not die anytime soon and gave him a hug. He seemed fine, but I was left worrying.

This little guy has dealt with a lot in his life. We did have a major house fire when he was a baby.  I am sure he has no memory of it, but he does hear the twins talk about it a great deal. The funny thing is they do remember it, but they do not seem traumatized by the event like he does. Decca is just a sensitive soul, and I have to remember that. He internalizes everything.

As I said he is doing better though. He had a friend come over the other day, a good friend that he has not talked to in years. For some reason Decca just started talking to him the second he walked in the door. I was so surprised and so happy. Decca still has anxiety, but he is learning to deal with it. I am grateful for that.

4 thoughts on “Decca, anxiety, and selectve mutism

  1. It sounds to me like he’s a genius…I wish all kids would talk less…most kids just ramble on and they are boring, they bore me to tears, kids ain’t got nothing to say anyhow…You got yourself there a smart one, I’d keep him!

  2. In case anyone does not know Jesse is my older brother who sometimes leaves comments on here. He thinks he is being funny but mostly he is just being a pain as older brothers are LOL!

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