I am fascinated by the lingo my kids use. One of there favorite phrases is O.M.G. which means Oh My Gosh. I am not sure where they picked it up, but they use it all the time. Another favorite – “Pause”. “Pause” means stop, hold, or wait. The twins started using this word a few years ago, and now everyone uses it. Tru used it the other day when we had a science lesson.

The kids are using My Pals are Here for science this year, and it goes into reproduction, human reproduction. I wasn’t really ready for this particular lesson and talk, but I guess it was time. Anyway Tru is fascinated with learning about the human body, and he knew he was missing something, he just didn’t know what.

So I was reading the lesson to Tru (Autry was sick that day), and everything was going fine. No questions being asked, which I was happy about. I got to the part of the sperm meeting the egg and making a baby. Still good, and I was staring to think that I was worrying about nothing. The lesson was almost over, and I was about to close the book. Tru then interrupted me and asked “how does the sperm get to the egg?” So I told him, and he looked at me in shock. Then he yelled “PAUSE!”.

“PAUSE” in this instance meant stop right now, my brain is having trouble understanding what it is being told, I can’t take it all in. Anyway after explaining it a few times he came to understand just what I was saying.

Later I went over the lesson with Autry. Somehow she didn’t understand it, although I didn’t know. She asked Tru about it later, and he refused to explain it to her. “It’s too disgusting, I just can’t tell you.” Finally it was explained to her. No “pause” from her, just a look of pure disgust.

3 thoughts on “"Pause"

  1. LOL I’ve just had the same conversation with my dd. DD: “But how would IT get in THERE unless you put it in there?” Me: “Well, ummm, yes you do decide to put it in there, it doesn’t happen by itself”. DD – look of shock and revulsion

  2. When Sadie and Benjamin we’re quite a bit younger they used to say “pause of the game” for whatever they were doing when they needed a break. And then later they was just shortened to “pause”. Must be those video games…

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