Weekly Update

I thought I would post a weekly update, even though I never have before. I thought it would be a good time to take stock of where we are now since I will be handing over most of the homeschool responsibilities to my mom in two weeks.

This week we accomplished quite a bit because I am working the kids hard. I am trying to get them on a good schedule so that when my mom starts schooling  them it will be easier.


Math: Tru finished up the fractions unit in Singapore Math 4a. I am not sure how he is doing the work because he does it all in his mind and just writes the answer down. When he brings me his book to check his answers they are always right, so I guess that is a good thing. If I ask him to explain to me how he got his answer he just gets very impatient with me… On Friday we did Life of Fred Fractions. We worked through the second chapter. Tru loves Fred! He also worked daily on math on Time4Learning.

Language Arts: We finished the MCT’s Building Language. Tru has all the Latin stems memorized, and he feels good about knowing them all. He was a little sad when we finished the book, but he is looking forward to Music of the Hemispheres. Tru started Writing with Ease book 4. He informed me that although he hates writing he is actually is a great writer (I still am questioning that but it is nice he thinks so). He continued working through Winter Promise’s Solving the Mysteries of Grammar. He is half way through case 5, and he still seems to enjoy it. For reading Tru finished the third Harry Potter book and began the fourth. He also worked on language arts daily on Time4Learning.

Science: We finished our first book (Cycles) in Singapore Science My Pals are Here, and we started the second book (Systems). I bought the HOTS book to add to this, and he and I are both enjoying this additional book. We did a few science experiments with celery, flowers, water, and food dye. Even though we had done this before it was fun, and all the kids enjoyed seeing the outcome.

Our science experiment: We were trying to see if the colors would mix.

Tru decided he wanted to put a white flower in the blue water to see what would happen.

The anthers started to turn blue first, followed by the leaves.

History: We have been continuing our study of WW1. We are using several resources for history now, although our primary source is History Odyssey Modern Times Level 1. Tru did map work, and we read Where Poppies Grow and After the Dancing Days. Tru has been enjoying reading The Story of the World again after such a long break.

Latin: Autry is doing Latin with us after school (along with Life of Fred), and she and Tru both love Latin for Children. We are on chapter two, and if the kids retain their enthusiasm for this throughout the year I will be very happy. They love the DVD, the CD chant work, and the worksheets. I am very impressed with the program and so happy we have found it!


Math: We continued working through Singapore 1A, but he was so bored. He wanted to skip through it. Instead I made him go through it very quickly (and mostly orally). He did this in three days, so we started 1B. He likes it better, but he wanted to continue using Math-U-See. I am not sure which program should be his primary program as of yet. I am hoping to figure this out soon.

Language Arts: He started the third lesson in ETC book 4. He seems to have a little trouble with the concept of cv-vc, but I think by the end of the week he was understanding it better. Decca did numerous pages in his Handwriting without Tears book, and he worked from lesson 75 to 80 in Language Lessons for Little Ones 3. In addition he read many books this week, including a Buzz Lightyear Easy Reader (Buzz Lightyear vs. Torque) we found. He loved that!

Science: We worked through our car kit putting together several models while we watched the videos at Science Castle. This is a great resource for us, and Decca is finally enjoying science! In addition we watched several movies on gears, and we listened and watched Here Comes Science about a hundred times (if I hear any of those songs again I will scream!).

History: I read to Decca from The American Story, and he listened to some of Tru’s history. Some of the history is too old and advanced for him though, and much of what Tru is learning is scary to Decca. I am very aware of what he listens to in history and what he doesn’t.

Latin: Decca is on chapter 4 in Song School Latin. It is a review chapter, and so we did a few worksheets and reviewed the songs. He has a strong grasp of the material, so it was an easy week for him. I did add Latin Monkey Match to his studies, and he enjoyed playing the game a great deal.


She is going to a great school, and she loves it. She HATES the homework though, and it is taking her and I almost two hours a night to do it. In addition to homework and school, she started back up in acting this week at the South Coast Repertory. She is very happy to be back there. She also practiced her cello and her singing this week. She has recently begun private singing lessons, so she is working hard on that.

Overall I think it was a great week, and I am starting to realize how much I am going to miss these kids in a few weeks.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. I should get Life of Fred in the mail today. I’m glad to hear that so many like it.

    Wow, it must be hard to hand them over to someone else, even if it is Grandma. Sounds like your children will know just what to expect and will be great helpers though.

  2. You sound like you are really on top of things – I hope the transition to your mother as teacher goes smoothly.

    Also wanted to say ty for your post yesterday. I may look into an online program if I don’t get back on track soon!

    Take care!

  3. Great job on your first weekly report! I love that your son “informed” you that he was a great writer. How cute! 🙂

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