Signs of Love

Mothers Day is always a little difficult at our house because I am divorced. The kids try very hard to have something waiting for me in the morning, but if their Dad does not come down to get them, there is no way for them to get me anything. This year they were upset that they were not able to go shopping for me. They were very determined to have something for me in the morning though, and they woke up very early and worked on my gifts. Autry made a sweet little card for me at school a few days before, and she helped Tru make one on Sunday morning. Because the twins are getting older their cards are quite nice and meaningful, and I cried (as a mom will do) when I read them.

Decca didn’t want to make a card (that is just too boring for him), but he wanted to make me a gift. I happen to have bought some supplies from A Child’s Dream Come True a few months ago.  I had the supplies tucked away in a bookcase for a fun summer project, and in his quest to make me something, Decca must have come across them.  He took

one of these

and this

and made me a wonderful gift. It was so perfect and meant more to me than any store-bought gift.

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