Ancient History – Second Time Through

I originally had planned to use K12 fro Tru next year, but I have decided against it. We are already doing K12 Language Arts (which I love), and I don’t want to be tied to the computer all day, checking little boxes and completing assessments. I am having a hard time finding a program that I want to use for him, so I have decided to just put my own program together. I figure with five years homeschooling experience and all those classes I took in history in college (not to mention all the education classes I have been taking over the last year and a half) that I should be able to put together something.

I have just started the process of putting his history together. I know some of the books we will use, and I have also created an Amazon store to keep a list of our choices. (Check it out if you want to get some ideas). I have begun a very informal schedule, and hopefully it will become more formal before the fall, but honestly , planning is not my strong suit. I am trying to change that though, and I want a schedule for Tru, so that he can see what he needs to do each day.

Anyway, I have decided our two main books that we will use for this program is K12’s The Human Odyssey and A Little History of the World. I am also going to use History: The Definitive Visual Guide as it looks so visually appealing for kids. I am going to add some readers and other non-fiction books to these three to add to Tru’s studies. I want to choose books that add to his learning and understanding. I am not going to have a list of twenty readers though, as my goal for him is not to have him read for hours a day, but instead I want him to dig deeper in history this year and make meaningful connections to all that he has learned so far.

I also want him to learn the skill of outlining, and we are going to work on that all year. I remember outlining as a kid, and I loved to do it. I started around his age, and I outlined throughout high school and college. Outlining is a great way to organize the reading and helps prepare a student for note taking and studying for tests. I am debating whether to get a workbook on outlining or to just teach it myself. I think I will just teach him as it is a very straightforward skill . I am afraid reading a text on how to outline will just make a simple task complicated.

That is all I have so far. I will update as I add more books and get a schedule going. I also hope to link other websites and videos that add to our studies. If you know of any good books or other resources let me know. I am always on the lookout for great resources.

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