Weekly Report

So we haven’t done much academically, and it has been wonderful!! This is what summer is all about, relaxing and taking it easy.  Unfortunately Autry is still in school until the 23rd, so it doesn’t feel completely like summer yet, but we are getting there.  The good news is that Autry’s school has some furlough days coming up, so she has four-day weekends the next two weeks, and the kids and I plan on doing nothing during this time.

This last week we celebrated two birthdays, Decca’s and mine.

Decca at his birthday with his grandparents, his siblings, and friends

Celebrating my birthday with my brother and his family.

We finished up with our charter school (no more learning records until September!!!). I turned in quite a bit of curriculum and other supplies to the school that we don’t use anymore, and in return we got some great items that other families had turned in. I was able to get a copy of Saxon 7/6, MUS Beta, The Rosetta Stone Spanish, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD, and a classical guitar for Decca. We couldn’t have been happier with everything that we got, and we have already begun to use the Spanish.

Which leads me to what we have done this past week. The kids have begun working on Spanish, and they seem to like the format of Rosetta Stone. The boys have worked on their Latin (and we will continue this throughout the summer).  We made a discovery on the Latin for Children DVDs. If you put in disc 3, and select the toothbrush, you can watch all the episodes of How the West was Unus in order. The kids were happy to discover that, and they watched the episodes a few times. In other Latin news, a second episode of A Tale of Two Princesses has been posted. The kids thought it was sad, and now they are anxiously waiting for the next episode.

In math news, I threw away Tru’s Singapore books on accident. I was frantically cleaning for Decca’s birthday party, and I threw his 4b books away (actually I recycled them), and I kept his 4a books. After asking on the WTM boards what to do, I realized he was far enough through the book that we can just start up in 5A in the fall. Tru didn’t seem too sad about not having to work anymore in that book. Instead he is working in MUS Delta to help him with division. He was having trouble remembering all the steps, but now he seems to have gotten it down. He did a few lessons this week, and will probably do a few every week through the summer to keep his skills up. Decca is doing a few lessons here and there in Miquon math. He seems to enjoy this, and it feels like a nice change of pace to him.

Tru is doing one part of K12 Language Arts every day in the summer, and this also feels like a nice summer routine. Usually there are three components to a lesson each day, and by doing just one of the components, he is able to keep his skills up. It takes him about 20 minutes, and he is happy to  do the lessons. Right now he is working on writing paragraphs, and he is reading from the K12 Classics for Young Readers book. He loves the stories in this book, so that has been great! Decca is not doing any language arts during the summer, but he is reading everyday. I feel that is enough for him at his age. He just needs time to play and run around.

Autry has had so much going on, and I feel a little bad for her. She had a book report due today, but we did not have the time to do it, so she left for school without it. She was a little anxious, but I told her we would do it over the weekend and turn it in late. Between the birthdays, my brother visiting, her concert, her play, and her voice lessons, she has been very BUSY. She is so outgoing and loves to be involved in everything, which is great, but sometimes she is over scheduled. I told her next year we would have to take a break from some things, but that did not sit well with her. I think instead I am going to have to teach her how to schedule everything and use her time wisely. I think if she learns to plan ahead her year will go more smoothly next year.

Autry at her concert.

In other news I began reading The Lightning Thief to the kids, and after three nights of reading it, I put it  away. I was so disappointed, and the kids didn’t seem to like it either. The writing was amateurish, and it just seemed like a Harry Potter rip off. In addition I just didn’t like the way Percy talked (I felt like the author was trying so hard to make him sound cool), and I detested the descriptions of his home life. I am usually not so down on a book, but this one was just not doing it for me. I felt like I did when I take my kids to the movies, and the movie has some inappropriate part in it. It makes me uncomfortable, and that is what this book did. I know there are so many fans of the series out there, and so if I am offending anybody, I am sorry. The book just didn’t click with me!

And that is our week in review.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Report

  1. Your idea of not doing much academically puts me to shame. I doubt I could have forced my children to crack a book except for pure pleasure over the last two weeks and yours have been studying Latin! WOW! Enjoy your summer “break”.

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