Weekly Update

I am trying to get back in the habit of updating this blog, hopefully I will keep up with it.

Let’s see, what did we do this week. We moved last weekend, and this week has been spent unpacking. I still have more to do, but I feel that I am 3/4 of the way done, so I am happy about that.

We painted all weekend. Here is my bedroom.

The kids will be starting back into work next week. Not all subjects at once, but a few to get back in the habit. The twins will be doing math, language arts, and Spanish. Decca will be working on math, reading, and piano. They really need to be on a schedule again, so I am looking forward to next week. Summer has been great, but everyone is ready for a little more structure.

Next Friday we are bringing a puppy home. He is a Goldendoodle, and he will be Tru’s. Tru choose Kingsley  (from Harry Potter) as his name. He is just a puppy, so I know I am in for a lot of work.

We are looking forward to this addition to our family.

I made a little bird watching area on our back patio to encourage bird watching. I just attached a bird identifier book to the back patio, and I put out our binoculars. I didn’t tell the kids, I wanted them to discover it for themselves. Decca seems to be getting the most out of it. I find him out there often looking for birds.

Apple thinks I tied it up for her.

And that is our week in review.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. The promise of a cute puppy picture is all it takes to get me to click on a link :)…and he does not disappoint–VERY cute! good luck! And great idea about the bird watching area!

  2. Okay-
    love the color of your room
    love the name of your puppy
    LOVE your bird watching area! I might have to do something like that…

    all the best as you get settled into your new home. 🙂


  3. We are starting Monday and I can’t wait. I hate the lack of structure breaks brings.

    Love the kitty play spot…er, bird watching area. Great idea!

  4. Nice Jill! It was interesting that you mentioned birdwatching. I remember Grandma doing a lot of that when she lived in Southern Illinois in the country. She had a pair of binoculars sitting (you may remember this) on the bay window sill and a mini box of bird “cards” that had a picture and name of various birds. I had those cards up until last year and for the life of me—cannot find them! That makes me sad. I hope they are in a box somewhere. With her being a educator and birdwatcher—i see her so much in you. Love you

    • Thanks for sharing that Bridgette. I don’t remember much about Grandma at Southern Illinois. I think I was too young, but I do like knowing that I am like her in many ways. She was a great role model for me, and I will always cherish my time with her.

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