Another stop motion

Stop motion videos are fun for kids and quite easy to make. My kids enjoy them, and they don’t need my help. They just use the camera to take pics, upload them to windows movie maker, and then edit them. If your kids are looking for a creative outlet I would highly recommend directing them to make their own stop motion. It takes time, patience, and a good deal of imagination, and the outcome is always worth it.

Here is one of Tru’s stop motions. It was his first one, and you can tell it is just one sequence looped over and over. He recorded his song and then sped it up for the native chant. I think it works quite well.

I have been spending time reflecting on the kids and how creative they are. I think this year I will spend more time developing their creative side and try to incorporate it into our schooling. I haven’t decided how this will play out yet, but I have decided that I will have them do a book report as a stop motion. They will have fun doing that!

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