Not Back to School: A Day in the Life

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Hmm….I was not sure whether I wanted to participate in this weeks Not Back to School Blog Hop, but I though I might as well. I know my brother Jesse is going to read this and make some joke about the kids and their none school routine, but I’ve decided that’s ok because the truth is he does that anyway. I am just giving him more material to work from.

My day started early, and I mean EARLY, like 3:00 a.m. That is when our wonderful dog Kingsley woke me up for the bathroom, and then he wanted to play and stay awake. In his defense it has been so hot here the last few days that he is sleeping so much during the day, so he is ready to play at night. So I got up and tried to play with him, I did, but instead I fell asleep on the couch, and he had free reign of the house. At 5:00 he somehow managed to wake up Tru, who also came out on the couch. Tru watched the sun rise, and then went back to sleep. So did I.

Poor Kingsley has a broken leg and has to wear the "cone of shame".

At 7:00 I woke up to feed Kingsley, and I found Decca in the school room just sitting there. He said he had been up forever, and he was just waiting for someone else to get up. I finally fed Kingsley, and I tried to get Decca to lay back down for a while, but that didn’t work. Instead I found myself making masks for bosses (bad guys) for some game that Decca wanted to play when Tru woke up. Let me tell you that doing a  craft at 7:00 am is not my idea of fun, especially when I am tired and have not had any caffeine.

Decca's mask that I was helping him make.

I finished the masks and had some tea, then made some breakfast. It is now 8:00, and the twins are still sleeping, but Decca and I are ready to tackle the day. He informs me that he invited a friend over today, so he needs to get all his work done before 1:00. We start his work with Right into Reading book 2 because he does not like this workbook, and he wants to get it over with.

We finish the book, and the twins are now awake. Tru and Decca run off to their room, and Autry takes a shower. Kingsley is asleep, and now I have a little time to myself, and I am determined to enjoy every second of it. The kids are quiet until 9:30, and I feel recharged.

Hanging out in their room

Autry in her room getting out some art supplies.

At 9:30 the twins get their breakfast and start k12 language arts.

Taking am assessment online

Then I start them on Saxon 7/6.

Saxon started at 10:15

While they are working on that Decca and I get through handwriting, math, history, and reading.

10:15 Decca works on handwriting, 10:30 he takes a math test

10:45 - 11:30 Decca and I get history done.

11:30-11:45 Decca practices piano

An hour later Decca has nearly finished all his work, and Tru and Autry are still working on, you guessed it, their math.

11:45 and they are nearly done

I think this is probably what inspired Tru’s song last week.

By 12:00 the twins are done with math and language arts and Decca is done with all his schooling. I have to do some work, so I let the kids watch a science video, and I get my work done.

The Science of Disney Imagineering is a great series that I highly recommend.

12:30 I make everyone lunch, and then the kids have some down time. It is hot here today, and none of us have any energy to do much of anything.

Kingsley sleeps,

Tru bounces,

Autry draws,

and Decca turns a piece of Styrofoam into snow for a game he and his friend are playing. I take a deep breath and do not get mad...

At 3:30 the twins do some independent reading and Decca keeps playing.

Tru reading with his prescription sunglasses because his other glasses broke.

Autry reading The Breadwinner. She had lots of questions for me after reading this.

At 4:00 the twins started their history. They had to read, and then they listened to a book on CD.

I am tired and decide to make some no-bake cookies and a glass of green tea.

No-bake cookie time

Decca keeps playing with his friend, and the twins make some stop-motion movies while listening to their book. Autry also makes a guidebook to her stop-motion movies which I was really impressed with.

Autry's guidebook

Now it is 5:30, and our day is coming to an end. I just fed the dog, wrote this blog post, and I am getting ready to sit down on the couch with Decca to watch a movie, a nice way to end my day.

3 thoughts on “Not Back to School: A Day in the Life

  1. I love to get a glimpse of other people’s days. We are similar in that we have our lessons but the way in which we get through them is relaxed. Thanks for sharing!


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