Weekly Report 9/6-9/10

Monday – The kids worked hard on Labor Day because we had plans to go to Disneyland on Tuesday. The twins did a Saxon lesson, their K12 LAs, and we read history together (still learning about Mesopotamia).  Decca did his LAs, started MUS lesson 4 (rounding to the nearest ten), and also did some history. Autry and Decca practiced piano, and they all read for thirty minutes. Tru is reading The Golden Goblet this week, and Autry finished The Breadwinner. Decca is reading various books.

Tuesday – Tru began his drum lessons, and they were a hit! I am so happy he has finally found an instrument that he loves. The teacher was wonderful, and Tru felt at ease in the class immediately. I think next week he will also try band, which meets an hour before the drum class.

After class we were off to Disneyland. We renewed our annual pass and then spent a nice day at the park. It was not crowded, and we enjoyed getting on all the rides. I made the kids watch Captain EO, and they thought it was terrible. I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was retro and cool, but they thought it “was so eighties, and like everything from the eighties, it was corny”. Hmm… As punishment I took them into a store and held up Captain EO shirts in front of them (the ones with the rainbow on the front) and said in a very loud voice, “I will get you guys these shirts since you LOVED Captain EO so much.” They (and when I say they I mean the twins who are so easily embarrassed these days) were mortified.

Wednesday – The kids woke up and decided to work on their Phantom of the Opera movie.

They rewrote a song and began a script. They also practiced singing their parts. Decca is playing the part of the phantom, and it is very funny to hear him sing The Music of the Night. He takes it so serious, and he sounds quite good. It is just that he is seven, and hearing a seven-year old sing this song with as much emotion as he has, is somewhat humorous.

After working on their play for the entire morning (I can never stop their creativity to begin book work) the twins did a Saxon investigation and a Life of Fred lesson. Decca completed another page in MUS, and they all completed their language arts.

In the afternoon Decca and Autry had their piano lessons, and they passed all their songs. While they were at their lessons, Tru and I went to the library and then took a long walk in the nature preserve. He loves one-on-one time together since it is so rare. He spent the time telling me all about a game he planned out, and after the walk he showed me his drawings that go with it.  I think he has plans to make the game using scratch.

One of Tru's levels from his game

Another level

Thursday – The kids did their basics, and then we had a day of errands. We had to take Kingsley to the vet for an x-ray of his leg. The good news is it is almost healed, the bad news is the splint broke without me knowing. The broken splint rubbed into his leg and caused an open sore. The sore got infected, so now he is on antibiotics.

After the vet, we went to the house of our ES to pick up some of our materials for the year. We got an order from Learning Through History, Blackbird and Company, and Rainbow Resources. I haven’t had much time to look at everything, but I think we got some great things.

I am looking forward to the Learning Through History magazines, and Decca loves his literature guides.

After we got home, he immediately started reading Flat Stanley, and we worked through several pages of the guide.  I find the guides somewhat boring, it looks like busy work, but he loves doing workbook pages like these. I am looking forward to the final project in the guide. There are several to choose from, and the projects are hands-on and creative. I think he will enjoy the projects as much as the worksheets.

Friday – The kids are watching another Disney Imagineering video right now.

We are on the last one from the library, so we will have to either rent the rest (I need to look them up on Netflix) or buy the rest. After science the kids will work through their math and language arts. Then we will probably get to some timeline work. This is all I have planned today. With all the new material we picked up yesterday I need to do some planning.

Autry's timeline

A map she added to it

Next week the kids start other classes (Autry begins 2 acting classes, Decca and Autry begin choir, and Tru begins a Lego engineering class. In addition, Tru and Autry will begin a science lab class), so I need to get us on a schedule. I have a feeling it is going to take us a couple of weeks to find our groove.

Kingsley –

He slept

and slept some more!

He spent much of the week biting anything he could (he's teething)

and he terrorized the cats! They still do not like him.

And that is our week in review.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Report 9/6-9/10

  1. How cool that you took the afternoon off and spent it at Disneyland! I bet I could get the kids school work done quickly if they had the option of that. Great week!

  2. Well Disneyland for a field trip sounds like my kinda school! I’ve never heard of those imagineering dvds but checked and my library has some – off to add them to my library list!

  3. Jealous that you are local to Disneyland! We have to wait for our annual trips to Walt Disney World. I’ve seen those Imagineering dvds on our library catalog website. I’ll have to check to see if any correspond to this year’s plans!

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