Weekly Report 9/27-10/1


Tru was sick on the couch for most of the week.


Monday – Decca is still sick after being under the weather for a few days. I am hoping no one else gets sick. We don’t do much school work on Monday, as I am tired from being up with Decca all night. The twins end up watching Egypt’s Golden Empire on Netflix. They also spend the day listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CD. With all the free time Autry spends most of the day crocheting and knitting. She ends up making a pharaoh’s beard for her brothers and herself.

Tuesday – Tru starts to get sick, and Decca still feels bad. I am tired from being up most the night with both of them, and my patience is running thin. The kids spend the day on the couch watching documentaries and listening to Harry Potter. They watch Egypt: Engineering an Empire and Riddles of the Sphinx (If you don’t have Netflix you can watch Riddles of the Sphinx here). By the end of the day I am feeling bad, and I just want to crawl into bed.

Wednesday – Tru has a high fever today, Decca is still congested and complains of ear pain, and I am sick and tired. I feel like calling my mom and crying, but I don’t (ok, I admit it, I did call her – you’re never to old to cry to mommy). We get through our day doing a little school on the couch. I read Life of Fred to the twins, some Michael Clay Thompson grammar, and some history.  We read a chapter of The Human Odyssey and a few chapters from The Ancient Egyptian World.

I also pulled out this great book from when the twins were little called Modern Rhymes about Ancient Times: Egypt.  This is a book of short rhymes about many different topics in Egypt. The kids had so much fun reading these, and they each read several of the poems. I am so glad I bought this book when it was new as some crazy person is selling a copy of it at Amazon for $900.00. Wow!

Thursday — Again I am sick as is Tru. Decca is doing much better now though, and I am happy about that. We don’t do much today except watch some more documentaries on Netflix. The twins also spend some time reading Life of Fred and MCT. Autry goes over some choir songs with Decca for their class. She taped him, which is great as he doesn’t sing in class. Here is a short clip of him singing.

In the afternoon I take Tru to the doctor. He is having a hard time with this cold, and I am worried about him. I want the doctor to listen to his lungs, as Tru complained earlier in the day that he was having trouble breathing. His lungs are all clear, which he and I are both glad to hear.

That evening I help Autry make a little theater in her room. This was a fun project, and she blogged about it at her blog.


The kids goofing around in the theater.



Friday – Tru is starting to feel better, and I think I am getting there too. I am tired though, so I don’t have much planned for us today. We are going to work on an Egyptian cartouche, and I will post pics of it in a few days.

Our big news for today is that Kingsley is finally 4 months and has all his shots, so he can now go on walks. Before today he had to be kept inside because of the risk of parvo, and it was very hard keeping an active puppy inside an apartment for two months. We took him on his first walk this morning, and he was excited! It was nice to finally have him out in the world!


Kingsley's first walk



Running with the kids



Taking it all in.


And that is our week in review.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Report 9/27-10/1

  1. Sorry you had such a rough week sickness wise! I sure hope you’re feeling better soon. You got a lot done for having so much sickness in the house, as well as yourself! I’m impressed, I think I would have hung it up on Monday! 🙂 The video of Decca is SO cute! How fun to get the doggie finally out! I can’t imagine a pup cooped up that long! Have a good weekend! Hopefully a healthier one!

  2. What a relief that his lungs were clear! And it sounds like y’all did a lot of school work for such a sickly group! Hope everyone is better now.

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