Weekly Report 10/4 – 10/8

Have you ever planned out your kid’s whole year and had it go terribly wrong? After homeschooling for over six years I finally had this happen to me. All the curriculum I planned and bought for the twins and most of what I bought for Decca has been a bust. I’ve never had that happen before, but there is always a first time, right?

I am trying to figure out what went wrong. I think part of the problem is that Autry was planning on going to school this year, as she did last year, so when I began purchasing curriculum I only had Tru and Decca in mind. My other mistake is thinking that Decca is the same type of learner that the twins are, but he isn’t. And I know this, only I forgot. On top of this I enrolled the kids in so many classes that basically we don’t have much time for school on Wednesday or Friday, and very little time on Tuesday.

So what to do? Initially I just kept trying to use what we had, but that was a disaster. We were always behind, and everyone was unhappy. I finally realized last week that I had to change our plans. We started switching over to our new curriculum last week. This week, with the kids feeling better, we finally got a feel of what our week will be like with all the changes. It has been wonderful, much better than before.

Without further ado, our new and improved week:

Monday – All three kids worked on Time4Learning. I like Time4Learning, always have, and so do the kids. I started our subscription up again, and I am so happy I did. It gives me peace of mind when they work on this everyday. No, it is not a complete curriculum, but it is an integral part of our curriculum now, and the kids are happy to be using the program again.


Tru reading Life of Fred with Kingsley by his side.


After Time4Learning Tru and Autry read for 30 minutes (Tru decided he was going to read Life of Fred Decimals for enjoyment and Autry is still reading Three Cups of Tea). Then the twins did a lesson in MCT Language Arts (their new LAs program), and they did a Life of Fred Lesson. We are going through fractions again (Tru did it last year) for Autry, and then will be moving on to decimals. The twins liked Saxon, but it took so long to do each day, and I was never happy with it. So we are back with LoF, and it fits perfectly into our day.

Decca began reading A Mouse Called Wolf and working through his student guide from Blackbird Press and Company. He loves these guides, which I never would have guessed. He also worked through his MUS alpha lesson 9, and he listened to one chapter in SOTW, We dropped Hideaways in History as it is just too much reading and history for him. He hated it, so for him it is just one chapter a week from Story of the World. He also worked on his handwriting.

Together we completed an Egyptian cartouche. This  is a fun project for anyone studying ancients. We found a site online to translate our names, and then the kids made a cartouche out of clay.


First the kids wrote their names.



Next they shaped their clay.



Then they sketched their names into the clay.



This is Decca's cartouche. We are going to paint them this weekend as we never got around to it this week.


Tuesday – Time4Learning, MCT, and LoF for the twins. Decca worked on Time4Learning, his book and MUS. Tru then had drum class.


Tru in class.


In the afternoon we started our new science program that Autry picked out. She wanted something more than Singapore (although we are still working on that), and she wanted to learn about the body. I decided to go with Otter’s Science over at Guest Hollow. The kids  are enjoying this, and I think it is wonderful that the schedule is free for everyone. This week we learned all about cells.

Wednesday – Time4Learning, LoF, and science readings. The kids also watched some corny video at Discovery Education on cells. Decca and Autry had choir and piano lessons. Decca still finds it hard to go to choir, but he does it, and I am so proud of him because I know how hard that is for him.

In the afternoon Autry made me this wonderful coin purse while I read a chapter from The Human Odyssey to the twins.


"M" for Mutti



She even sewed a button onto it!


Thursday – A nice relaxing day at home, at least until four, at which time Autry had acting at South Coast Rep. We completed all our work on Thursday, and the twins even completed a bridge in LoF in one try. We took Kingsley on a nice long walk through the nature preserve, and he was happy to meet another dog.


He wouldn't leave her alone!



Decca on our walk.


Friday – The twins had classes at the HomeSchool Campus all day. Decca and I hung around and worked on school. He completed everything while there, and the twins each managed to do a Singapore science lesson on their break. We had a great week!

And that is our week in review.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Report 10/4 – 10/8

  1. It looks like you’ve regrouped and moved forward very successfully in your homeschooling. I’ll have to take a look at Time4Learning. I love the cartouches.

    • I decided to start them out in grammar town (we did grammar island a few years ago), so that they don’t miss anything important. We are making our way through the books quickly, so I think in January we will start the next level.

  2. I am totally impressed with how you were able to regroup and shift directions. I have a feeling there would have been a few more weeks of head-banging and tears before I figured it out!

    Thanks for the links to Blackbird & Co. and Otter’s Science. I’ll be checking those a bit closer later, especially the lit guides. I have a feeling my son might like them.

  3. Hugs to you! Looks like you did a great job figuring out what needed to be changed. It’s always tough when something isn’t working. I just figured out last night my 6 y/o needs something different than all the other three… not major changes, but I will need to make some. Kind of the same thing…. I KNEW, but didn’t really think that through! I hope these next few weeks prove to be better for you! Hang in there!

  4. It sounds wonderful! I love when we figure out what the problem is and then can actually fix it! Hooray for mom! I’m going to look at the links you provided. They sound wonderful.

    Hey, if you ever get to Tehachapi or anywhere in Kern county for that matter, you should give a holler. We live in Bakersfield and would love to meet up with you some time (If you don’t mind real life and virtual life colliding). :-p

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