Weekly Report 10/18-10/22

Tru – Completed four lessons and a bridge in Life of Fred. He made it through five lessons in Megawords and is now nearly done with unit two. He still doesn’t like it, but his spelling is improving. Tru did several lessons in Time4Learning ,working on different graphs in math, which he finds extremely interesting (not sure why). He read Horrible Histories The Awesome Egyptians and started Tom Sawyer. He built a spinning fortress in his Lego class and began studying the brain in his science class. He worked through two lessons in Paragraph Town and wrote a descriptive paragraph on Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Speaking of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, we got the game on Monday, and he beat it that night. It wasn’t very hard, but it was cute and creative so definitely a winner here (How can you not like a game where all the characters are made from yarn?). I love that the final boss uses knitting needles as his weapon of choice.

Autry – Completed four lessons and a bridge in Life of Fred. She worked through the lessons in Paragraph Town and wrote several paragraphs about a cold snowy day and her grandparent’s cabin in the mountains. She also did several lessons in Time4Leaning and enjoyed writing the essays that were assigned. She did three essays this week because she enjoys it so much. Autry had choir and voice. She is working on God Bless the Child, Think of Me, and Fly Me to the Moon. She watched a video on Irish Americans migrating to the US and wrote about it for a choir assignment. She began studying the brain in science lab, and she sketched out her costumes for her medieval acting class. Autry also decided to delete her other blog and start a new one titled Autry’s Art.

Decca – Well he completed Time4Learning everyday, so that’s something. He also read a few more chapters of A Mouse Called Wolf and worked through the study guide that we have. He dragged out his Mr. Men books and read most of them. He wrote several of his own books, and I noticed there is more writing in his books now which I am happy about. He practiced piano everyday and has started playing the guitar daily too. He knows three chords now and plays them often. He composed his own song on piano called Voodoo and will be playing it in his upcoming recital. Decca and Autry decided to make a play out of Here be Monsters (our current read aloud), and they worked on the costumes all week.

Together the kids watched several videos this week. There favorite was The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship. It is a stop motion animated film based upon a Russian folk tale about a poor boy and his flying ship.

The film was made in 1990, and it won several international awards. I highly recommend watching it, and if you want to read the original tale it can be found in The Yellow Fairy Book.

We also continued our study of the human body. This week we covered genetics, and we read several books. One was entitled Gregor Mendel which the kids enjoyed and learned a good deal from. It is a picture book with beautiful pictures and a good deal of information. The kids also watched several films on genetics including some at Brainpop.  We also visited this site and worked on eye color and genetic inheritance.

In History we moved on to ancient India. The kids listened to Story of the World on cd, the twins read The Human Odyssey (beginning of chapter 10), and visited this BBC site on Mohenjo-Daro. We also read The Token Gift which was another great picture book.

And that is our week in review.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Report 10/18-10/22

  1. I have the Gregor Mendel book on my list for later. I’m glad to hear that it is a good book. Now I’m excited to get to that one!

  2. Slightly jealous that you get to use Life of Fred and Megawords. My oldest isn’t quite old enough yet, but I can’t wait ’til she is! Sounds like a great week! 🙂

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