Weekly Update – A Few Days Late

The twins finished Paragraph Town and Life of Fred Fractions last week. This week we will be moving on to Life of Fred Decimals and Caesar’s English. They wrote several paragraphs this week, and it is amazing how complex their paragraphs have become. I am very happy with the results.

In science the twins studied the brain and hearing. They made several musical instruments out of everyday items. You can read more about this at my daughter’s blog.

Autry also  practiced singing Think of Me for her upcoming recital. I taped her singing it, but she was not happy with it, and only allowed me to put up a short clip.

Mr. Heart - a character in one of Decca's books

Decca worked on adding more than two numbers in his Math-U-See lesson for the week. He did a great deal of writing in his Blackbird and Company study guide, and he wrote several more books this week. He is on a Mr. Men kick, and he created several of his own books to go along with the series.

Together the kids began studying Ancient China. We listened to SOTW and read a short chapter in Human Odyssey. We also read The Great Wall of China and began reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. This is a wonderful book that I highly recommend.

We also began reading The Secret of Zoom as our evening read aloud. Another great book that I would recommend for any child who likes to read a mystery and who has a dry sense of humor. My kids are quite enjoying it, especially Decca.

The kids also had a great Halloween. Decca was The Invisible Man and  Autry was the Phantom of the Opera. Tru was not going to go, but at the last minute he decided to throw a cape on and head out. I think the thought of his siblings having all that candy, and he having none, was just too much for him to bear.

The Invisible Man

The Phantom

Cape Guy and Invisible Man

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