A Month of Thanks – Day 9 & 10

There is a debate among homeschoolers regarding public schools. Many homeschoolers (especially out here in California) enroll there children in virtual academies, such as Connection Academy and CAVA, or charter schools that cater to homeschoolers. Those enrolled in these schools still consider themselves to be homeschoolers because their children are learning at home. However there are many homeschoolers who disagree with this idea, and they believe it is wrong to enroll in any public school. These parents often do not agree that these children are homeschooling.

I understand both sides of the debate, although I am a little put off at how angry these public schools make some homeschoolers. Regardless of how some people feel I will tell you that my children are enrolled in a wonderful charter school, and they are still very much homeschoolers.


We’re homeschoolers I tell ya!

The kids and I went to see Peter Pan last night, and this brings me to what I am thankful for. I am thankful for being in our charter school because the school enables me to educate the children how I want to. The school pays for piano lessons, science classes, choir classes, and buys our curriculum, which I get to pick out. On top of that they have some great field trips that we can attend. Peter Pan was one such field trip. The kids tickets were paid for by the school, and my mom’s and mine were discounted.

Piano lessons paid by the school has led to Decca finding his passion.

Many of these things I would not be able to afford if it were not for Sky Mountain. I am very appreciative of the education my children are getting through working with a public school. They are growing up with the arts all around them, and I honestly could not ask for more. For that I am very grateful.

To see what others our thankful for visit Daisy over at I’m Nobody! Who are you?.


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