A Month of Thanks – Day 12

Decca sat at the piano today for over an hour just playing away. Not practicing his assigned work but making up his own songs. Piano is a creative outlet for him, and I think it helps him with his selective mutism.  He plays like this nearly everyday, and I love to hear his songs.

At a recital last year

Well I mostly love to hear his songs. Sometimes they go on forever, and they don’t sound that great. And sometimes he plays the first thing in the morning, and sometimes late at night, and sometimes all day long.

I am thankful for this though, even if sometimes I need to remind myself to be thankful. He is creative and passionate about his piano playing, and I am happy to nurture that love. I am thankful he found something to be so passionate about at such a young age. Hopefully he will remain passionate about his music as he grows up.

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