Curriculum Changes

I took a long break from blogging, but I feel I am ready to start back up. We were busy with the holidays which kept me from blogging. Since the holidays I have had a migraine nearly everyday which has kept me from just about everything. I still seem to have my migraine, but it has become more tolerable. I am hoping it will pass soon, as having a migraine does make everything harder.

The new year has brought about some changes here. The kids finished their ancient history, K12 literature, and they are nearly done with Life of Fred Decimals, so we have started some new curriculum. I ordered Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings, and we started this a few weeks ago. It is a wonderful curriculum, and I highly recommend it. It is recommended for grades 7th and up, and the twins are having no trouble with it.

The twins will also begin Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with Biology sometime in February. We are looking forward to reading the continuation of Fred’s story. I am so happy to have found a math curriculum that is creative and interesting, and it is great to see the twins finally understanding math.

We also have begun a new history study, although we changed what I had originally planned for January. Originally we were going to move on to medieval history, but Autry may go to OCHSA next year, and if she does she will study medieval history for seventh grade. Because I do not want her bored in school I decided to switch our history to a study of the Eastern Hemisphere. We are using this online book as our spine, and then we are reading books, books, and more books to go with it. Our first book is Crispin, and the kids are loving it. A mystery set in medieval times, what more could one ask for right?

Decca’s curriculum has changed too. Actually I had to start over with him, as nothing I ordered in the fall clicked with him. He is just a very different learner than Tru and Autry, and it has taken me a while to find something that clicks with him. He did like his literature guides books that we did in the fall, so based on that I ordered Moving Beyond the Page for him. I placed him in the 7 to 9 category, and it is working out great. We started with concept 3 cycles, and Decca is enjoying this topic. So far he has read Poppy, drawn a map of the forest, worked on writing paragraphs, and researched owls and mice. He also got to dissect an owl pellet, which was great fun.

Decca has also begun a new math, as he grew bored with Math-U-See. He has started Math in Focus 2A, and he tolerates it. I should have ordered a higher level, but we are going through it all to make sure he understands the concepts before we move on to 2B. He will probably finish this book up within a few months, so I will order the next book then.

That is it for us. Hopefully all this new curriculum will last us to the summer.

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