Weekly Update

Autry and Tru –

Life of Fred

The twins worked hard all week. They are loving LOF pre-algebra, and they made it through the first bridge this week. They also read the entire book on their own, as it is such a great read.

A page from Life of Fred

They are working on many of the same things from last week. They have their first draft done on their research paper and will be working on the second draft next week. They are still reading and studying Twelfth Night and Shakespeare for history.

The twins have also begun a weather unit in science class. This week they had to record the weather and looking at it I realized how great our weather is.

They have a recital in a few weeks, so they are working on their pieces everyday and continuing with their music theory.

Autry has a play in a few weeks that she is trying to memorize her lines for. She also got another play last week, so she is going to start rehearsals on that soon. She will be playing Mary in The Secret Garden.

Decca has been busy with his Moving Beyond the Page units, and his study of the states. I downloaded him Stack the States on my iPad just for fun, but he became obsessed with it.

He often becomes obsessed with different things, and then this obsession turns into an enormous amount of creative output. His last obsession was the Poppy series, and I have to say I was glad for a change. Anyway he beat the game, and he has all the states and capitols memorized. He also has read various books on the US. His favorite seems to be The Scrambled States of America.

Decca also began writing his own book series. It is a series of books on each state, starting with  the first state. He has done four so far, but he plans to make all fifty.

In addition to his state craze, Decca has continued to work on Moving Beyond the Page. He is studying American heroes. He studied Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman. Here is his hero cards from this week.

And that is our week in review.

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