Film Studies

My son Truffaut wants to study film next year, so I am trying to put together a course of study for him. I am excited about this as I majored in film in college. I am thinking I will divide a year study into three main areas. We will study film history, film as literature, and film making.

I have been searching amazon for a book or two to help with our study. I have found two that seem promising. They are Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts and Screenwriting for Teens: The 100 Principles of Screenwriting Every Budding Writer Must Know. These two books are going to form the basis for his film making study.

For film history I am going to use The Young Oxford Book of the Movies (Young Oxford Books). I have had this book for years, waiting patiently for my children to show interest in learning the history of film. Now that one has expressed interest, I cannot wait to begin working our way through it.

The book covers film history from the earliest beginnings (the magic lantern, zoetrope, etc.), silent films, the Hollywood system, European films, and National Cinemas. In addition it goes over the major genres in film, such as westerns, musicals, comedy, etc. I am hopping to watch two films per each section in the book. I think that would be a nice overview for him, and I hope to have this list put together soon, for anybody that is interested.

After film history, we will concentrate on two genres of films in our study of film as literature. My first film class in college was a film literature class, and I can’t wait to study this with Tru. In college we studied Hitchcock, the French New Wave, and screwball comedies. I am not sure Tru would be as interested in the last two categories, but I think he would enjoy a study on Hitchcock films. Along with our Hitchcock study, I am toying with the idea of studying either Westerns or films that have been adapted from classic literature.

All in all I am happy with the plan so far. I am confident we will be able to get it all in over the year, but if Truffaut is really enjoying it, I may stretch it out over two years. If we get it all done in one year, we will concentrate on animation (the making of animated films and the history) for the next year. I can’t wait to get started!

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