Weekly Update

The view from the top of Catalina

Let’s see, we are still trying to get back into the swing of things after my brother’s visit last week.  We took a much-needed mini vacation to Catalina with him, and we enjoyed it immensely. After that we (actually I) just can’t seem to get motivated to do much.

At Catalina

Alas, not all was lost. The kids did manage to get some things done. Decca continued studying heroes through Moving Beyond the Page. This week he studied Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Walt Disney (next week we are going to Disneyland to complete this study), and I.M. Pei. His favorite hero was I.M. Pei (which I actually added to our study).  We looked at various websites on him and studied many of the buildings he designed. Decca liked all the glass that Pei used in his work, and he was fascinated with the story of the John Hancock Tower in Boston.

John Hancock Tower with some of the glass panels missing.

Decca continued working on multiplication in math, and he began reading The Family Under the Bridge and The Perfect Pop-Up Punctuation Book for his next literature unit in MBTP. He was not too interested in Family Under the Bridge at first, but I think he is slowly changing his mind. He loves the punctuation book though, and this week he worked on commas.

Decca also spent a good deal of time customizing some of his Lego minifigs. I was a little conflicted on whether to allow him to do this, as once you change a minifig (with permanent marker) you can’t get the old one back. However, I always want to encourage my children’s creative side, so I allowed it. He actually made some cool guys. Here is one of them.

Tru and Autry started the second half on The Fellowship of the Ring in their Lord of the Ring study. They also did the unit on Tolkien and linguistics, which was very interesting. In Life of Fred the twins worked through five chapters, and they studied Carolus Linnaeus and the classification system. We found a short film on YouTube on him, and they seemed to enjoy that.

Tru spent most of the week reading Rick Riordan books, and Autry began reading Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution. She loves reading biographies, and this one has drawn her in. The twins also continued studying the weather in their science class, and Tru had a competition in his Lego engineering class. His team won, and he was excited about that.

The kids have a recital today, so they have been practicing for that. This is Tru’s first recital, so he has been clocking in the practice time. He likes being perfect at everything he does, so he has been working hard.

Autry has a play for choir at the recital also, so she has been working on her lines. Tru gets to do the sound at the play, which he is quite good at. It is always nice to discover something new that you are good at.

Autry practicing and Tru working on the sound

And that is our week in review

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