Decca and Selective Mutism

Decca has made a good deal of progress this year in regard to his selective mutism, and I am so proud of him. He began using names back in September, and it truly made him so much happier. Decca took a choir class this year, which was a big step for him. He never talked (or sang) during the class, but he did stand with everyone, and he even tried to make the other kids laugh through non-verbal communication, which is the most he has interacted with a group of kids in a long time. Decca also started talking to strangers that he does not know. It has truly been a year of progress.

Decca with his Uncle

But in other areas he still struggles, and it pains me to see him struggling. My brother recently visited, and although Decca wanted to talk to him, he just couldn’t. Decca won’t even talk in front of him, and this made for a somewhat difficult trip to Catalina. Decca, who normally is Mr. Talkative, hardly said a word. My father also visited us this year, and Decca could not talk to him either. He wants to talk, as do all kids with selective mutism, but he just can’t.

Decca with the twins and his Grandpa Harper.

Decca would like to participate in some classes, especially a Lego class that is offered at the homeschool campus. Decca would also love to participate in choir, and he would love to begin taking acting classes like his sister. He wants to do all these things, but he hasn’t been able to.

Sitting in the car waiting to pick up the twins from classes.

So I am setting some new goals for him, and I am hoping that within a year I will be able to write a post on his progress. After all, look at all he accomplished this year.

2 thoughts on “Decca and Selective Mutism

  1. I remember wanting to talk to my aunts and grandparents but just couldn’t. I felt bad because they wanted me to talk to them. They loved me but I couldn’t make myself say a word.
    I went to public school and it was so hard for me but thankfully I had kind teachers and the kids never made fun of me.
    Decca, is blessed to have you for a mom =)

    • Thanks for the reply and kind words. I am sorry you struggled with this when you were younger. I am wondering if you were eventually able to talk to your aunts and grandparents. I am hoping that someday Decca will be able to.

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