Weekly Update

We were busy last week with my Grandma, who at 91, came out to visit us from Indiana. We were so happy to have her out, and I was glad the kids got some time with their great-grandma.We are hoping to make a trip to see her this summer, and everyone is looking forward to that.

Myself, Great-Grandma, Autry, and Grandma

The weather has been gorgeous the last few days, so we have been at the beach. We are trying to enjoy that before it gets too cold again.

P.E. at the beach is fun!

The kids also worked on academics. Decca has begun using his Japanese math book again. This kid just cannot stick with one math program, as he gets so bored. I am glad I have numerous books for him to choose from. He knows he has to do math everyday, and so he just chooses what interests him. This week the winner was Japanese math (which I love, and I hope he sticks with it for a while).

Decca finished his unit on Family Under the Bridge in Moving Beyond the Page. His final project was to write a script incorporating several story elements and punctuation. He did a great job!

We began his next unit in Moving Beyond the Page. He is working on Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages. His first lesson was on setting, and he created two drawings about the setting of each book.

Decca also decided he loved to cook this week and created his own recipe. He made cinnamon chocolate chip cookies. He made them for his friends and siblings, and he was very excited when everyone loved them!

Tru and Autry are still going strong with all their work. They seem to be enjoying pre-algebra a great deal, which I am somewhat surprised by. Maybe it is because they get to work on the iPad during math (with a cool app called Whiteboard). Whatever it is, I am just enjoying this moment.

Doing math on the iPad

Another view

In other news I had some smart points from the homeschool co-op, and I decided to get Mark Kistler drawing lessons. The kids thought they were so corny at first, but they are enjoying them now (although they would never admit that).

And that is our week in review.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Love that multi-generational photo! We tried Kistler’s program for the first time yesterday. It’s the only art program that was received happily. Thanks for sharing your weekly update!

  2. LOVED the photo of you with your mother & grandmother (right? – or was that *your* grandmother & great-grandmother). Either way you all look so happy! Am very interested in the stand that you have for your iPad – it looks amazing. Will have to try out the whiteboard app when DH gets back from the US with mine.

    Thank you for your sweet post on my blog! Things are so much better now.

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