Weekly Update

The twins continue working in all their subjects. They are enjoying pre-algebra still, which I am so happy about. They are working their way through two courses from The Great Courses, and they seem to be enjoying them both. They are listening to High School Level Basic Math and World History: The Fertile Crescent to the American Revolution. They are also spending a good deal of time writing, as I am trying to get them in the habit of writing everyday. In addition to their academics, they continue to work on piano, and Autry is working on voice. Tru is golfing, and he seems to have developed quite a passion for it now.


Grandma helped Decca with his paper dolls (and by help I mean she made them).


Decca worked on MBTP this week. He is working on Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages. He doesn’t seem to like this unit as much, and I think part of the reason is the planned activities are not that engaging. One of the activities this week were making paper dolls. He wasn’t impressed.


A page from his math explaining a multiplication game.

Decca playing the game.





Decca continued working in his Japanese math book, and he does seem to like it. He continues to on multiplication and mastered his times 3 and 4 this week. Decca also cooked some more for us this week, and he worked daily on piano. I think he has found the joy of piano again now that he is composing his own songs on a regular basis.


Autry and Grandma at dinner before the concert. We were celebrating her acceptance into OCHSA.




Also this week Autry, Grandma, and I went to see Rene Fleming in concert. Autry loved the concert and has been singing her songs all week.







Autry and I at the concert.

Inside the concert hall











Tru, Decca, and I went to the beach and froze. Quite a contrast from last week.


Last week...

This week in sweatshirts and covered in a blanket. It is freezing!











And that is our week in review.






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