Weekly Update

Decca – He continues to work through his MBTP unit on Communities and Culture. We finished reading Adventures in Ancient Egypt and began Adventures in Ancient China. This book is not scheduled into the unit, but we had it at home, so I decided to add it. Decca competed several exercises in his workbook, including a plot pyramid and a chart of artifacts from the different time periods.

AE (Ancient Egypt), AC (Ancient China), MA (Middle Ages)

Working on his artifact chart while watching an Ancient China movie on the iPad.

He watched several short films on Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. His favorite was this one on Ancient China statues.

In math Decca continued working on his multiplication facts. He mostly watched videos on the math facts and played Math Ninja on the iPad.

Decca practiced daily on his piano, and he is happy he is almost out of his year 2 piano books. He finally has his five-finger patterns down, which was a great accomplishment for him. Here is a video of him playing some of his patterns.

The twins continued working hard on everything. They are enjoying their math Great Course, and they seem to be learning a good deal from the teacher. As an added bonus Kingsley loves sitting with them on the couch, as they do their work.

Kingsley and Autry working on math.

Is he doing math or doodling? I think a little of both...

The twins worked hard at their music lessons all week. Tru is moving into a set of new piano books, and he couldn’t be happier. His old books felt very young to him, and he feels better playing out of these.

Autry also recorded herself singing La Serenata, her favorite song at this moment.

The twins began a new website this week featuring characters that Tru invented. I have to admit that I am impressed with what they have put together. Check it out here if you haven’t already.

Herbert - One of my favorite characters from Try X

And that is our week in review.

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