Random Thoughts

On the way to state testing, Tru's lack of enthusiasm is hard to miss.

So the kids had state testing last week, and now we all feel that school is pretty much over. That is a good thing, as we all needed a break. Classes are ending, most of their concerts/recitals are over (there is one more choir concert in May), and almost all of our school work for the year is done. I couldn’t be happier!

Before he went on

Decca has a recital last weekend, and he did great. It was at a mall (a very busy and loud mall), and it was part of the Very Special Arts Festival. The festival is for kids with special needs, and it was a wonderful day. It is great seeing kids with disabilities shine.

Playing his song

Decca was very nervous, and I thought he might not go on, but he did. He played his own composition, Robo King. He worked on this song for weeks, and he had it all written out and ready to go. I got a little of him playing on video, but it is hard to hear with all the noise.

I am thinking ahead to next year, trying to plan. I have nothing figured out, nothing at all. This is a first for me, as I usually have everything planned out by now. I think the problem is there are just too many choices. There are some great classes I want to put Tru in, and there is some great curriculum I want to use, and more great classes, and more wonderful curriculum. It’s too much! Help! Someone just needs to plan the year for me!

One thing I am certain about is that Autry will be going to OCHSA. What a wonderful opportunity for her, but I will miss having her around.

I'll miss her next year!

Anyway I am sitting outside on my porch, enjoying the view and the wonderful weather we are having.  I am thinking about next year and trying to get some sort of plan together.

A great view helps me ponder everything

The twins are spending the day reading The Throne of Fire. They have been waiting almost a year to read this sequel. I downloaded it last night on the Nook, and they were so happy to discover it today.

Decca is spending the day making movies on his flip. He just asked me if I would watch his film, and I said yes. He replied, “Are you sure? It is very long and very boring.”. I am not sure how to respond to that, but I will probably spend the rest of my day watching a very long and boring movie.

Shooting his film

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