Fun Project

We were in Target the other day, and we came across this. They were 50% off, and the kids somehow convinced me to buy one for each of them. This is an amazing feat, as I have a real hatred for crafts, and I usually do not want things like this in my house. I must have been in a good craft mood, for I bought it for the kids. Then we got home, and the kids started decorating their monsters, and I left the house…for an hour…with my dog. (I just can’t be around crafts and the mess.)

Working hard, which they did for two hours

When I got back home they were still working on decorating their monsters. They spent over two hours on them, and I was quite happy about that. As a working mom, who works at home, anytime I can get all three kids to concentrate on a project for a long period of time I am happy. The kits were only $5.00. If you are looking for a fun little project for the day, I highly recommend them.

Their finished creatures

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