Solitaire Chess

I have a chess fiend in my house who has been on quite a chess kick lately, and he loves for anyone to play against him. I  love to play with him too, but alas I have other things I need to do in my day, so he has taught both his little brother and sister to play. They love to play with him, but they also cannot play all day. So what is a chess maniac to do?

Enter solitaire chess, a great little compact game that builds one’s chess skills without playing against another player. Tru received this for his birthday from my mom. At first he didn’t seem to like it, but once he started playing he enjoyed it. I have played a few times too, and it is fun and challenging.

One of the cards that comes with the game.

Solitaire chess comes with thirty challenge cards (double-sided) that range in difficulty from beginner to expert. You place the card under the board and then put the pieces on top in their correct spots. You do not use all the pieces, and in the beginning mode you will use as few as three pieces.

The board with the pieces set up.

The object is to capture a piece with each move you make until you only have one piece standing. The beginning level is very easy and would be appropriate for younger players or those just learning chess. Tru started at the advanced level as the other two levels were not challenging.

Making a move

He was able to work through the advanced level fairly quickly. The expert level is the hardest, and he hasn’t won any of the games at that level yet. This is a good thing though, as it forces him to think about his moves and his ultimate goal. This is what I love about this game. It builds up one’s logic skills, and it gets one to think ahead, which is a skill needed in chess. And it is a one-player game, which is a plus for everyone.

Putting away his pieces.

If you have a chess fiend in your house you may want to think about getting solitaire chess. It is a fun and challenging game!

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