Homeschool Goals

Homeschooling in the early years. This was a Harry Potter day.

On a forum I frequent someone listed their homeschool goals, and this got me thinking about my goals for my children. I have thought about that much over the years, but I have never taken the time to write it down. I finally got them down, and I feel that I have been fairly consistent in meeting them. Here they are:


1. I desire my children to have a strong bond with each other and for them to genuinely enjoy each others company.

2. I want trips, museums, and being outside in nature to be a big part of our routine. I think kids retain much of what is learned in these settings.

Learning at Mission San Juan Capistrano

3. Art and music are very important, and these subjects need to be stressed in our school.

4. Reading should never be seen as a chore.

5. I want them to be able to question the world around them.

6. Learning is a joy and a blessing, and I hope at the end of our journey, my kids will feel the same way.

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