Weekly Update

The biggest news of the week is that Autry started her OCHSA adventure. She had her first day on Tuesday, and she LOVED it, absolutely loved it.

I hated it.

What? You don't like OCHSA?

I know that I shouldn’t have that reaction, but I miss her, I do. And I am not yet convinced that it offers her more than what she had at home last year. She was involved in some great classes last year, and she had some wonderful opportunities to perform. The academics she worked on at home were at a higher level than what she is working on now. On top of that I didn’t have to drive her to Santa Ana every morning at 7:00. This is an hour drive for me round trip, and I have not enjoyed it.

But, and I can’t forget this, Autry does enjoy OCHSA, and she thinks it is the most amazing place ever. She loves her classes, especially jazz dance. She starts conservatory next week, and I know she will love that too.

Tru with Autry on her first day at OCHSA. He thinks he might want to go next year for production and design.

So good for her. She is her own person, and she needs to follow her own path. I just wish it didn’t involve me getting up so early in the morning.

In other news the boys started their first full week back at work. Tru was going to work on Sonlight this year, but after a few days of working on that last week, he decided that he hated it. It skipped around too much for him. On a whim I ordered Moving Beyond the Page, as Decca enjoys this program. I wasn’t sure it would be to Tru’s liking, but to my surprise, he clicked with it immediately. He has worked all week on Unit 3, and he has enjoyed it a great deal. He is reading through The Hobbit, learning about the lithosphere, and doing a study on Australia.

In math Tru continued working through LoF pre-algebra, and he worked on Khan Academy. I also ordered another pre-algebra program through the Art of Problem Solving. I can’t wait to get the book and begin working on it with him. Yeah, I am a math nerd, and I am proud of it!

Speech notes

Tru had his first speech and debate class. He did not want to go, but he ended up enjoying it. He even left the class with a bunch of notes, which is a great sign. Tru hates to write, and any teacher that can get him to write willingly, must be good. I think we will stick with this class all year.

Decca is slowly easing into school, very slowly. Decca is a unique learner (i.e. difficult), and he can only work for a short amount of times on things that he is not interested in. So this week he drew roughly a hundred pictures, wrote several books, and created his own math curriculum. He creates his own math curriculum several times a year because he feels he could do a better job at that than anyone else. He also created a new monster out of some felt pieces. This is the Creepinator.

In between all that he did do some more formal work. We worked through The Sign of the Beaver in MBtP.

He did LoF Apples everyday and started Singapore Challenging  Word Problems.

And that is our week in review.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how the AOPS Pre-Algebra works out. Do you like LoF? I just picked up a Doliciani Pre-Algebra book from the 80’s at a yard sale for Lydia and she is liking it okay. I wish I had a TM though.

    LOL. I love the picture of the Decca dressed up with human anatomy pieces.

    • I love LoF, not only because it is fun to read, but because my children retain so much of the material. I am looking forward to adding AoPS to the mix. I am hoping Tru likes it as much as LoF.

  2. We did a unit of MBTP a couple of years ago and we enjoyed it, but I never ordered another. I can’t even remember why, so now I must go check it out! Also, this is the second blog I have read with a family reading Sign of the Beaver. Ds is also reading it, so we make 3. And, now I have the movie pulled up on Hulu. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

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