Weekly Update

Our week started out great. Everyone was working hard, I was feeling good about OCHSA and the drive, and curriculum was working out. I was feeling great about everything, and then the inevitable happened. We all got sick!

Apparently Autry was feeling bad in the beginning of the week with a sore throat. She didn’t want to tell me because she was afraid she would have to stay home sick from school, and she didn’t want to do that. So she was sick in the beginning of the week, then Tru and I started having a sore throat Wednesday night, and then Decca got sick.  He always seems to get a high fever every time he gets sick, even if the rest of us don’t. He has been sick in bed for the last two days with a 104 degree fever. I am hoping it breaks soon, and that he sleeps tonight, because I am so tired.

We did get some work done in the beginning of the week. Tru is still enjoying his MBTP work. He is working his way through The Hobbit and learning about the history and culture of Australia and Oceania. He is working on maps in both areas, and for literature he is enjoying making his own fictional creature that could be part of the world of The Hobbit. He is going to sculpt a figure of his creature this weekend with his Grandma, and I hope to have a pic up next week of it.

Hobbit map

Map of Australia and Oceania

In science Tru continued studying the lithosphere. He studied shock waves, seismometers, Alfred Wegener, tectonic plates, and the continents. He did two experiments, both of which he enjoyed immensely, even though I thought they were rather simplistic for his age.

In this experiment he was testing how sound travels through different solids and liquids.

A rebound model in which Tru tried to show how the ice age affected the earth's crust. He decided he needed an audience, hence the Lego guys.

In math Tru continued to plug along in LoF pre-algebra. We haven’t received his AoPS book yet. When we do we will share our reactions.  Tru had another speech class, and he is still liking it. He gave a short speech on why he wants to become a better speaker. He told the class that he either wants to be a history professor or an attorney when he gets older, and he thinks being able to speak in public would be helpful for either of those jobs. I thought that was funny.

Decca did a little work this week. We worked through most of LoF Apples. He still loves it. He also continued working in his Singapore Word Problems book. We read more of The Sign of the Beaver, and he did some worksheets on cause and effect and on vocabulary.

He also watched the Sign of the Beaver on Hulu. It is free, and I thought it would be fun to watch. The makers of the movie felt it necessary to add a whole story about Matt’s parents, which I felt was very unnecessary. I skipped all those parts, and we just watched the scenes with Matt and Attean. Decca liked it, and we had a great discussion on how books change when they are made into movies.

Autry started conservatory at OCHSA, and she loves it. She has choir on Monday/Wednesday, theory on Tuesday, and solo work on Thursday. This is why she is at OCHSA, and the drive now seems worth it. She is very happy there, and I am adjusting. I love to see her so enthusiastic for school every morning.

On her way to school in the morning

And that is our week in review.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Hope you all are feeling better. I popped over from the differently schooled Facebook page. I’m checking out other bloggers whose children are using MBTP 8-10. You are a wee bit ahead of us. We are beginning “Sign of the Beaver” on Monday. We are going to watch Little House On the Prairie tomorrow and try to finish up our Science Unit. I love the tip on Hulu. We’ll watch too, when the time comes. 🙂

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