Film History – Week 3

1. Read Oxford Book of the Movies p. 20-21. In your notebook answer the following questions:

a. How did Méliès background influence the type of films he made?

b. List some of the special effects that Méliès introduced. Which effect was unique to the medium of film?

c. Discuss how early filmmakers used editing to create a sense of realism and drama to their films.

d. Define continuity editing and crosscutting.

Optional: Continue working on your film history timeline for your wall. Click here for an excellent resource on important dates in film history.

2. Visit EarlyCinema and read the information on Méliès, Hepworth, and Porter.

3. Watch the following videos:

Finally I wanted to link this article from the Smithsonian that I read last week. It ties in nicely with this weeks work.

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