Weekly Update

This week the kids, Grandma and I played some great board games for the Million Minute Family Challenge. Sushi Roll turned out to be our favorite.

Autry and Grandma playing Sushi Roll

The kids completed their first chemistry lesson using Middle School Chemistry. This is a great program, and the kids declared it their favorite science ever after just one lesson. We are only doing it once a week, as Autry and her friend both want to participate. Even though it will only be once a week I think the kids will learn a great deal from it.

Building a water molecule before the chemistry lesson.

Trying to divide a water drop.

Decca joined the lesson and had fun uniting his water.

Tru continued working on his MBTP curriculum. He is nearly done with his unit, and he is excited to start his next one. For an assignment today in Language Arts he had to do a lesson on greed, and how greed often leads to corruption and wrongdoing. He had to find three examples in history and two in current events to demonstrate this idea. I thought it was a good lesson, and he seemed to enjoy it.

Tru watching CNN student news.

He watched CNN student news to get some ideas, and we had a great conversation about examples in history. Discussions like this is why I like the logic stage so much.

Decca is done with The Sign of the Beaver, and I dragged out some books to supplement the material today. He enjoyed reading with me for nearly an hour, which I appreciated, as he usually doesn’t enjoy doing that. He then decided to do a Draw Write Now lesson, but he put his own spin on it.

This drawing led to a twenty page book which took most of his day. I never want to stop Decca’s creativity though, so when he is working on projects like this his formal school work gets pushed to the back burner.

Autry got partial braces and an expander on this week. I had no idea what an expander was, but I can tell you she and I were not prepared for it. I have to tighten it every night, but I couldn’t figure it out. I had to watch this video numerous times to finally understand it, not fun at all.

Tru and Decca started back with their piano lessons. Decca did great, and Tru did not. He is done with piano, and he wanted everyone to know. I don’t usually let the kids quit anything, but he is 12 and discovering his own interests. I want to make sure I listen to him as he gets older, and that I allow him to make some of his own decisions, so piano is out.

In other news, it has been hot here this week. Kingsley does not appreciate the heat at all; it must be all that fur.

And that is our week in review.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Ouch! Poor Autry.

    It sounds like science is the hit this year. I love when the kids get excited about a subject.

    I’ve never heard of CNN student news. I’m going to have to google that.

  2. I always come away learning something new from your posts. 🙂 I like the mention of how you are following Tru’s need to make his own decisions. It will be helpful to me in the coming years.

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