Fezzes are Cool

So my kids are on a Doctor Who kick right now. They love everything about the Doctor, even his fez. For Halloween Tru is dressing up as the Doctor, so I ordered him a bow-tie, suspenders, a sonic screwdriver, and a fez.

Necessary accessories for the Doctor

We have all been having fun wearing the fez, trying to make it look cool. I think I am with Amy and River on this one. I just don’t see the coolness in a fez, but it was fun trying to make it look fashionable.

Yeah... I am not feeling this.

Decca trying to make a fez and a blanket cool.

A goldendoodle is actually cute in a fez.

Autry channeling River.

Truffaut thought a fez only looked good on top of three fedoras.

4 thoughts on “Fezzes are Cool

  1. I think all of you have some promise in the fez department. Tru’s got it down to an art, even with the fedoras. LOL. But the only guy who carries a sonic screwdriver with pizzaz, if you will excuse my unabashed adoration, is David Tennant. Sigh…I miss DT’s Doctor so very much.

  2. Dr. Who obsessed here too (kids not adults). Funny, the show has been around for decades, but I don’t remember watching it as a kid. Cool fez. Snazzy color.

  3. Dr. Who can make anything cool, at least according to my son. My son discovered the Dr last year and has turned into a huge fan. He finally understands why mom needs to see “The Doctor” so often. šŸ˜‰ Autry makes a great young River. Truffaut makes us think more of Harry Potter (maybe it’s the pose). My son says Decca has nailed the blanket/fez combo. I agree about missing David Tennant (sigh), but we love the Dr in all his carnations (and River).

  4. Looking at your photos, it looks like we ordered our bowtie and suspenders from the same place, lol! My now 7yo was the Dr last year for Dragon*Con and for Halloween. He loved it! We got his sonic screwdriver at D*C, and we got the fez this year at D*C. šŸ˜€ I didn’t watch it when I was younger, but we started watching as a family with Chris Eccleston’s Dr and we have been completely hooked since! šŸ™‚


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