7:30 on a Saturday Night

I originally sat down at my computer with the intention of writing a weekly update, but I have no energy to do that right now. Instead of writing all about our week and posting a ton of pictures, I thought I would just take a few shots of what everyone is doing right now. It is around 7:30 on a Saturday night, and here is what my artistic, creative, crazy, homeschooled kids (and dog) are doing.

Autry is editing a movie that she filmed today with a friend.

Tru is working on a Try X game with his Grandpa using Unity and Blender.

Decca is working on a comic called The Hamurai.

And Kingsley is being cute as always.

That is our Saturday night. Not much going on, but it is nice. I am trying to appreciate these quiet nights because I feel like things will change soon. The twins are going to be teenagers in less than a year, and I know they will be spending more and more time out of the house, which is normal. But until then I will savor these times and look back on them with happiness.



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