Checking In

So I haven’t posted in a while, not sure why. I guess I was in need of some time off from everything.

Anyway, it is just a regular Monday night around here, not too much going on.

My mom is reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh  with Decca. He enjoys reading when we have two copies of the book. That way he can read out loud with someone.

Tru is writing a persuasive speech that he has to give on Wednesday. He does not want to go to class and give the speech because he is so nervous. He will be going though.

Autry is frantically trying to get some homework done before her voice lesson tonight. She should have finished it over Thanksgiving break, but honestly, what kid wants to work on their break?

And what am I doing? Why playing with Kingsley of course. He needs attention too, as he just reminded me (by eating our Christmas Legos – something he knows he should not do).

Not very exciting as you can see, but hey, I will post about anything.



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