3D Printing

Mecha X's

The picture above is a 3D printed model that my son Tru made. The boys have been working on this project for a while now with their Grandpa, and they finally got their models in the mail. I wanted to share them with everyone because I think it is a great idea.

Side view of the models

I wasn’t involved in this project at all, so I don’t know much about it. My step-dad sent me an email explaining the whole process, and I have copied it and posted it for everyone.

“The site to make the model is Shapeways.  The 3d modeling tool we used was Blender, and we uploaded them in X3D format. They check the models automatically and once it is approved, you can order them.  Takes 10 days from upload to delivery.  They have a video on their site about the process.

Decca’s model is here. Tru’s model is here.

You can set up a store to sell things, but the boys didn’t want to, so I’ve just made them visible to the public.

I’ve attached the drawing Decca did of Hazzy so you can see from 2d to 3d.  Tru did his on paper so I scanned it and attached it as well.”

Here is Tru's sketch.

Here is Decca's model. He calls him Hazzy.

And here is Hazzy after being made into a model.

The boys loved working on their 3D models, and the finished product is great. They are a little pricey to make, but if you are looking for a creative project to work on I would recommend Shapeways.

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