Stop Motion, Hugo, and Film Studies

Autry and Tru are a great team when it comes to making films, for they both bring separate strengths to their projects. Autry is the more technical of the two, and she is a great editor. Tru is great at coming up with stories and characters for the films. He is an idea man.

Over Christmas Autry figured out how to use the 3DS to make stop motion films. She started by writing lyrics to Christmas’s songs. Here is one she did.

After she worked on those for a day or so, she got her brothers interested in the process. Together she and Tru made a cute little film about the adventures of Junk Bot.

The lightning is too dark in some places, and sometimes the actions moves too fast, but I think it is a good effort on their part.

I took the kids to see Hugo today, and the twins left the theater in utter amazement. Truffaut thought it was the most amazing film he has ever seen. He was so appreciative of the film history we worked on this fall, as it provided him with the historical background and references needed to enjoy this film.

Hugo has inspired the twins to make even more films together, and it has inspired me to continue with our film history studies. Although I haven’t figured out the whole plan with Truffaut for this coming year, I know film studies will be an important and integral part of his education.

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