Photography Apps

Autry has recently gotten into photography, and she discovered a new app for her iPod that she loves. It is called Camera Plus, and she is having so much fun taking and editing photos.

According to Autry, Camera Plus has many great features that let you take better quality pictures. You can crop your pictures, add borders, and mess with various effects. Autry’s favorite effect is vintage camera.

I haven’t used Camera Plus, so I can’t say anything about it. I have a camera app that I love already, King Camera. This is my go to camera app on my iPhone. I have been using King Camera since last summer, and I have no complaints with it. I like the camera features and the editing features. The developers of King Camera have some tutorials on their web page that would be good for anyone who wants to learn more.

A photo I took and edited on King Camera

I also discovered Postcard On The Run a few days ago. I haven’t had much time to mess around with this app, but I am excited about it. Basically you can take a photo and then turn it into a postcard with just a few clicks. How cool is that? The kids and I will definitely be utilizing this app the next time we go on a vacation.

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