Bowers Museum

If you are ever in Orange County you should plan to spend some time at Bowers Museum. Bowers is a small museum in Santa Ana, but the size does not reflect the value of this museum. It is a wonderful place to spend your time, and there are many  outstanding exhibitions featured here. At our most recent visit the museum had the Warriors exhibit and the Scrimshaw exhibit, both of which we loved.

Here is some information from the Bowers Website on the Warriors Exhibit.

“Enter the great tombs and temples of the powerful, and the cunning men and women who ruled imperial China. “Warriors, Tombs and Temples: China’s Enduring Legacy“ is a landmark exhibition drawn from China’s most important archaeological excavations assembled in cooperation with seven leading Chinese institutions.”

This exhibit ties in nicely to Ancient Asia studies, which the twins are working on now. The exhibit was very interactive, and it held all the kid’s attention, including my youngest. He loved it!

The Scrimshaw exhibit, while small, was also very interesting. The kids and I knew very little about Scrimshaw before the exhibit, but we left with a great appreciation of this American art form.

Scrimshaw is the art created by American whalers using the bones and other material of whales. You can read more about it here.

Unfortunately the Scrimshaw show is gone now. We actually caught it on the last day (lucky us!). However there is always many wonderful exhibitions at Bowers, so if you are ever in the area, you should check it out.

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