A Week of Work with My Youngest

I haven’t posted much in the last month, and I am going to blame February for that. It seems like February is a notorious month among homeschoolers, and because of this, I somehow feel it is fitting to blame February for my lack of motivation in regard to TADTown.

I would like to point out that although my blog has been lacking, our homeschool has not. Amazingly we have been on a wonderful schedule ever since the New Year, and it is working for all of us. Everyone is getting all their work done everyday, and miraculously, everyone seems to be enjoying everything they are working on.

For Decca this means that he is hitting the basics and then studying animals to his heart’s content. I thought he would be sick of this study by now, but he isn’t. In fact his interests seems to be growing in the subject.

This week he studied the swamp ecosystem. This worked out great because we toured a swamp last summer so much of what he learned he had seen firsthand.

Decca read these books this week.

Together we read Charlotte’s Web

He also watched this wonderful video, along with a Jeff Corwin video over at Discovery Education.

He completed a few notebooking pages on various animals that he studied…

And he started making a swamp scene with an alligator, a cypress tree, and bugs. He still wants to add to it, but it is a start.

In addition to his animal studies, Decca has worked everyday on Dreambox Math. Have I mentioned how much I love this math? It is online, and it works at the child’s level. Decca started in roughly a 2nd grade level, and now he is up to 4th grade in many of the topics. A few topics though he is still in the 3rd grade level, and that is okay. He is where he should be in all areas because the program is able to adjust itself to the students abilities.

For Language Arts Decca works out of a workbook that I ordered on a whim from Amazon. He loves this workbook more than I could have ever imagined. He does four or five pages a day in it. Usually these pages cover grammar, spelling, writing, and reading. Here is a page that he worked on this week.

There is nothing very special about this workbook. It is one of those books that you could pick up anywhere for $10.00, but my son thinks it is amazing. He loves all the work (busywork?) in it. This week he learned about poems, and he had an assignment to write a cinquain poem. He wrote it in his book, and then on his own he typed it up on the computer and added an image. He was very proud of himself, especially of the font he chose.  Of course the poem was about Scooby Doo.

Another assignment in this very generic language arts book was to create a mystery cube. Basically the student was to come up with a mystery book, and then write about it on a cube. Decca thought this was an amazing project. I cannot over emphasize how great this assignment was to him. He told me it was the BEST THING he has ever done for school, and he wanted to know why I had never suggested the project before. This is his mystery cube before we taped it up.

It is quite funny when I think back to all the projects I have done with Decca over the years. All the field trips, all the art projects, all the cool things we have done, and this was his favorite, a story cube suggested by a cheap language arts book.

I guess the moral of this story is you really never know what will spark a kid’s interest. No, wait, maybe the moral is that one need not spend a good deal of money on curriculum in hopes that one’s child will be engaged and enjoy what they are doing. Hmm…maybe that’s not it either. Maybe the moral of this story is that one should be happy when one’s child is. Yes that is it, and so tomorrow when I am busy cutting out cube after cube for him (he wants to make ten of them), I will remember this.

5 thoughts on “A Week of Work with My Youngest

  1. You have a great blog. I REALLY loved Decca’s poem about Scooby Doo. How many kids would understand the concept that Scooby Doo is often used as “live bait”? Enjoy your week and all the time you will be cutting out cubes!

  2. We loved the One Small Square books! I also love to incorporate National Geographic videos whenever I can, as they are mostly fabulous!

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