Film History – Week 4

1. Read The Young Oxford Book of the Movies p. 22-24 (up to Enter the Genre). In your notebook answer the following questions:

a. How did D.W. Griffith change film acting?

b. Why was Birth of a Nation such an ambitious film? Why was it criticized and banned in some cities?

c. Name the five major studios in Hollywood that rose up during this time?

d. What did Hollywood have to offer movie makers?

Optional: Continue working on your film history timeline for your wall. Add in important dates and figures and films from your reading. This week you should add information on D.W. Griffith and his films. You can get some ideas here.

2. Visit Britannica for kids and read more about D.W. Griffith.  What techniques did he develop?

3. Read more about the studio system here.

Watch the following videos (please note that some of these videos may not be appropriate for children – please preview):

While watching this short think about how Griffith uses editing.

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