Vintage Report Cards

We are on vacation visiting my dad this month. While here I discovered some of his report cards.

This blog is severely lacking for attention. Writing on here is one of my favorite things to do, but it is also one of my lowest priorities. When I get sick, say with mono, or I am on vacation (or both as I am on vacation now and still tired from mono) TAD Town falls very far down the priority list.

However I wanted to carve out some time today and share with everyone some photos of my father’s report cards that I happened upon recently. I know some of my fellow homeschoolers, and anyone interested in education, will appreciate them.

Here is his first grade report card. There is not much to this report card, but what I find interesting is that the student was promoted to second grade based solely on reading skills. That was all that was needed. Compare that to a first grade classroom today, where so much more is expected, and the difference is quite striking.

I also found his fifth grade report card, and the interesting thing about this one is that it was a new type of card that they were trying out. Apparently the schools were trying to stress the whole child, and they wanted the report to reflect that. Notice also it is no longer called a report card, but instead referred to as a growth report. I find that a telling choice of words.

 The new report from fifth grade must not have lasted very long, for his seventh grade report card was different yet again. It now looked very basic compared to this growth report.

Actually I find it very hard to read, and I much prefer the growth report to this. There is not much to learn from this card about the student besides his grades. The comments from the teachers help, but I still feel this card is lacking in information.

I had fun looking over these old cards, and I am happy that my Grandmother saved them. She was a teacher, and she took education very seriously, and I know she would appreciate my interest in these old cards.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Report Cards

  1. Hope you are feeling better Jill? Thanks so much for sharing these old report cards. I love, love looking at what our parents’ generation did. It fills me with so much nostalgia and longing. It’s so fascinating to me how much things have changed. I can imagine the growth report must have “taken too much time” for the teachers to complete? But they speak so much more to the development of the child. Thanks again for sharing.

    • I’m starting to feel better. Thanks for asking. 🙂

      I imagine it did take too long to fill out the growth report. It was very detailed, but as a parent I would have appreciated the effort. Today teachers wouldn’t even have the time.

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