First Official Day of School

Sorry about the lack of posts, but the heat has been brutal, and when the heat is brutal, I do not function at all. Decca and I did two days of equine science before the heat increased, and we haven’t touched any school work since. Autry starts OCSA this week though, and I want the boys on the same schedule as her, so we started school today even though it is still so hot. Hopefully it will cool down in a few days.

The cats have been miserable too in the heat. They spend their days sleeping and get up for a few hours at night once it cools. Ahh to be a cat….

Tru woke up this morning ready to go. He said he was excited about the year and feels confident with our choices. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. Decca was also ready to go today and worked happily through everything.

Decca’s schedule for the year

Tru’s weekly schedule. This is his schedule from WP, and I like that there was space for other subjects. It doesn’t have room for all his work, but I listed all his independent work.

Decca working on his timeline for California history. He has already requested his first field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Tru reading Before Columbus for history. I am hoping he enjoys his studies this year.

I will have more of an update at the end of the week when it is not so hot. (Did I mention that my air condition is not working too great?) Until then…

One thought on “First Official Day of School

  1. Looks like an excellent start to the year. Hurray that the kids are so excited. We hope to begin next week. Although we school year round, we went off on another math trail this summer, so time to focus on other subjects again. Have a wonderful year!

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