Hello from the Midwest

The kids and I traveled to Chicago yesterday. We are at my dad’s house for ten days for our Thanksgiving Break. The kids and I are enjoying the cool, crisp weather and the signs of fall (almost winter) all around.

We are not going to be doing any formal school while we are here, but the kids are keeping busy with plenty of other projects and activities. Decca is caught up in his new Scribblenauts game, which in my book counts as spelling and vocabulary.

Autry and Tru are busy bouncing on the trampoline and planning their next film that they plan to shoot while here. They are in a Sherlock Holmes phase, so it is going to be a murder mystery. Autry has already recorded the background music, and it does indeed sound creepy.

And I am just relaxing, as that is my theme of this vacation. I have a good book that I am deeply involved in right now, and I am enjoying taking hour-long baths. I am here to visit with family and to recharge my batteries. I am looking forward to the next ten days.



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