TAD Town

I am not a crafty person, and the truth is I hate crafts. I not only hate crafts, but for years no one in the house was allowed to do them. This was mostly when the twins were little, as they were CRAZY for crafts, but the stress of having three young children, mixed with craft supplies, was too much for me. The sight of glue sticks, pipe cleaners, scissors, construction paper, glitter, markers, and any other craft supplies would literally bring out the worst in me. I was so anti-crafts that it was actually a running joke in the family. Oh well, at least I always provide my family with plenty of comedic material.

Anyway fast forward a number of years, and I still hate crafts. My kids however don’t, and, in fact, my daughter excels at them. She is artistic and talented and crafty, and she is older…

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