Weekly Update

Winter break has come to TAD Town, and we are all enjoying it immensely! Although we have not been toiling all day on school, we have been busy.

This week we made paper snowflakes.

2012 12 14_3319_edited-1

And we made some holiday ornaments. My sister-in-law posted this awesome link to DIY Lego ornaments (which include a handful of Star Wars ornaments), and we gave it a go. We didn’t have all the correct colors, but we did have all the pieces. Here is our weirdly colored Gingerbread house.

2012 12 13_3314

Decca designed his own ornament, and I thought it turned out nicely. This is his reindeer, complete with built-in hook to hang it from the tree.

2012 12 13_3310

The kids also spent a great deal of time in front of the television watching Horrible Histories. Amazon has the seasons available for only $9.99 right now, so I bought all three seasons. The twins love Horrible Histories and have been watching episodes all week. I can always tell  when they are watching them as the laughter in the house increases substantially.


Yesterday the kids, my mom, and I went to Disneyland. Nothing puts me in the holiday mood faster than walking among all the decorations at Disneyland. It was quite festive!


Today I am frantically trying to get ready for our Christmas party that we are having tomorrow. For some reason I thought is would be a great idea to throw a party for the twins and their friends ten days before Christmas. I also decided it would be an even better party if it was Harry Potter themed.

2012 12 14_3321

I am not sure I was thinking straight when I made these decisions, and I would ponder my decision-making powers if I had the time. Instead I am busy making house badges, Butter Beer lattes, wands (both edible and non-edible), and other various goodies. Tomorrow we will be busy decorating for the party. Hopefully it will look great!


And that is our week in review.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. I had the time and I did ponder your decision about the party but what the heck: we will look back fondly on this too.

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