Harry Potter Holiday Party

2012 12 16_3354

We had our party on Saturday night. I am happy to report that it was a smashing success. I base this on the fact that none of the party goers wanted to go home when the party was over (no, no, you have to leave now it is nearly midnight….), and most of them exclaimed that it was the best party ever as they were leaving. So what is the secret to making young teens so happy?

First you need some great props.

2012 12 16_3352

2012 12 16_3353

2012 12 16_3351

2012 12 16_3350


Second, you need a great deal of food, preferably junk food.

2012 12 16_3341

2012 12 16_3345

2012 12 16_3347

2012 12 16_3348

2012 12 16_3349

Third, you will need some fun activities.

2012 12 16_3381

2012 12 16_3387

2012 12 16_3389

2012 12 16_3392

2012 12 16_3393

2012 12 16_3408

2012 12 16_3413

2012 12 16_3417

And finally the one item that is absolutely required, music. You know, so the kids can sing and dance for hours.

2012 12 16_3428

2012 12 16_3430

2012 12 16_3426

2012 12 16_3416




By following these easy steps, you too can have a successful party for your young teen. Fair warning though, the clean-up process may take more time than you expect. Teens are amazingly messy!

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Holiday Party

  1. You forgot to mention what NOT to do for a successful party: do not have glitter anywhere (my fault), someone will find it and use it and you will have to clean it up…from the carpet; do not count on someone to open the party room when they said they would—have a back-up party place; do not panic when the lights go out: some kids find this funny and others find it very scary—its easier to deal with funny; do not have a grandpa complaining about the mess whilst the party is in motion—it’s a real downer. Keep him home until it’s almost over. Other than those small things it was wonderful!

    • I am not sure about brave, more stupid I think. 😉

      Honestly I thought I was crazy for planning this party, but the kids all had so much fun. We will have to do it again next year. 🙂

  2. Love these ideas! The kids obviously had a magical time.
    Thanks for sharing. This kind of post is exactly what our heavy hearts need right now.

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