Checking In With My Youngest

photo (52)

Ok, I am just going to say it; my youngest is unschooling now. Actually he has been unschooling for a while (years?), but I am not one for labels, so I have never classified him or his learning style. But the truth is he is an unschooler, and he is in charge of his days. I am there for him, and we do several activities together, but they are of his choosing.

And since I am in a declaring mood this evening I also want to say that I like it. He is a self-starter, and he is always busy. I never hear “I’m bored” from him, and I never worry about what he is working on. He is working on what he wants, and it is always an interesting topic, at least to him.


This week he worked on a couple of Scratch games. You can check his favorite out here. If you get a chance you should read through the comments. His comments and responses crack me up (his user name is darkcrystalball).


Also this week he wrote his first non-fiction book. It was about one of his favorite topics, fonts. I don’t share the passion, but I liked the book. It even came with a quiz which I bombed, much to Decca’s horror!

photo (53)

photo (54)

There was also illustrations made, experiments had, books read, and Life of Fred to be worked through. We made over forty Valentines for a homeschool group we are part of.

photo (51)

In addition we joined a new homeschool group for gifted kids, and he had a great time. He hit it off with these kids right away, feeling very at ease with everyone. It was wonderful!

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