The Scorpion Submarine and Doctor Who

Today the twins went to Long Beach to see a Russian submarine from the Cold War era, The Scorpion Submarine.

photo (3)

Then they came home and watched the latest Doctor Who episode, Cold Warwhich takes place on a cold-war Russian submarine. I have never tied an educational experience into a Doctor Who episode before, and I have to say it was one of my more brilliant ideas.  (yes I like to give myself a pat-on-the-back sometimes).


The twins and their Grandpa had a great time on the Russian sub, and they came home talking in Russian accents. They proceeded to show me all their pictures they took on the submarine and told me all about it.

This is where the torpedoes would be launched from.


This is the communication room.


Here they are in the War Room discussing strategy.


Tru is looking through the periscope while Autry goofs off.

photo (4)

After sharing everything with me we all sat down and watched the latest Doctor Who episode. What a cool experience for them to be on a Russian sub and then watch an episode about it. We all loved the episode, even those of us who were unable to go on the field-trip today (Decca was feeling under-the-weather).

photo (7)

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