California Wildflowers

photo (85)
Autry was reading a favorite old book today, The Daring Book for Girls, and she came across the section on how to make a flower crown. She decided she wanted to make one, so we went out in the nature preserve searching for flowers. We found a nice assortment and brought them home so we could identify them.

photo (88)After identifying the flowers Autry got to work making her crown, and I arranged the other flowers for our mantle. They smell so wonderful together, especially the Cowboy Sage, and they brighten up the house on this cold, foggy day. Unfortunately we couldn’t identify the small white flowers. We still need to research that.

photo (86)

photo (84)The crown turned out great, and it made me think about that old book that Autry use to love so much when she was younger. Maybe it would be fun for her to work through the projects now that she is older and can do all of it on her own. Hmm…something to think about.

photo (87)

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